What Does Ankara Messi Mean? The Story Behind GOAT

Lionel Messi is a name that is always linked to great football players. Because of how well he can dribble, make plays, and score goals, he is now considered one of the best players of all time. But among his many accomplishments is a strange phrase: “Ankara Messi.”

For people who don’t know what does Ankara Messi means, “Ankara Messi” doesn’t mean Messi has a new superpower. It’s a mistake in pronunciation, but it’s become a beloved part of football lore.

What Does Ankara Messi Mean?

During the 2006–2007 Copa del Rey semi-final first leg, Barcelona played Getafe. This is where the story of Ankara Messi finds us. Messi was only 19 years old then but was already making waves in football.

Something extraordinary happened during the game. Messi got the ball close to his half of the field. He showed fantastic skill and bravery by performing a mesmerizing solo run, weaving through several Getafe defenders with great footwork. After chasing them, he finally got around the goalkeeper and put the ball in the net.

Everyone in the stadium and watching at home was amazed by the goal. The famous Joaquim Maria Puyal, who was commentating on the game, was no different.

During his commentary, Puyal kept yelling, “Encara Messi! Encara Messi!” It refers to Lionel Messi’s exceptional dribbling skills and ability to face opponents directly while maintaining possession of the ball. This is how it breaks down:

  • By the way, Encara is a Catalan word that means “still” in English.
  • Messi: Of course, that’s Lionel Messi!

So, Puyal was saying, “Still Messi!” He praised Messi’s determination and dribbling skills as he defied the odds and kept the ball even though defenders were all around him.

But because it was hot and the play was exciting, Puyal’s pronunciation could have been better. “Encara” changed its name to “Ankara,” now Turkey’s capital. This small mistake didn’t take away from the moment but made it more cute and unique.

“Encarar” is a Spanish verb referring to a confrontation. In soccer, coaches use it to instruct players to pivot and face their opponents with the ball at their feet. In the Mexican-Spanish dialect, “encara Messi” signifies Messi facing up towards defenders while maintaining ball possession.

The person who said- Ankara Messi 

Joaquim Maria Puyal is famous for discussing one of Lionel Messi’s best goals. He is the author of the Ankara Messi term. He is a Spanish journalist who is 73 years old and is known for his work on TV and radio.

Besides that, Mr. Puyal has a perfect educational background. He has a Ph.D. in linguistics and degrees in Romance philology and information sciences, all from universities in his city. The journalist is also said to have split his work life between talking on the mic, being on camera, and writing.

From Getting His Name Wrong To Going Viral: Ankara Messi’s Story

The phrase “Ankara Messi” caught on very quickly. It wasn’t long before fans and commentators alike used it to talk about how great Messi was at dribbling and scoring goals by himself. Of course, the internet was a big part of how the phrase spread.

Sharing clips of the famous goal became trendy with the “Ankara Messi!” commentary. Fans made memes and posts on social media to celebrate the moment and the funny mistake in pronunciation.

The fun of “Ankara Messi” is that it is a surprise. This proves how well football commentary can capture the moment’s feelings. Puyal’s angry outburst, complete with the accidental mispronunciation, perfectly captured the awe and wonder of Messi’s brilliance.

More Than Just a Mispronunciation: What Ankara Messi Left Behind

The name “Ankara Messi” began as a funny mistake in pronunciation, but it has grown into something more. It’s become a symbol of how good Messi is at dribbling and how determined he is to keep going.

Fans shout “Ankara Messi!” whenever Messi goes on a magical solo run or scores a beautiful goal. You can do it to remember that famous moment from 2007 and to honor Lionel Messi’s lasting magic.

Language and cultural barriers have not stopped people from using the phrase. The song “Ankara Messi” shows how football can unite people and how one well-placed phrase can capture the essence of a great player.

Outside of Football: Ankara Messi in Popular Culture

The effect of “Ankara Messi” wasn’t just felt in football. The phrase has also become part of everyday speech.

Music: A Turkish artist named Alkara released a song in 2021 called “Ankara Messi,” which helped spread the phrase worldwide.

On social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, the phrase is often used to talk about excellent dribbling skills or goals scored by a player alone, not just Messi.

Who is Messi?

Football (soccer) player Lionel Messi, also known​ as “Messi,”​ is from Argentina and is one​ of the best​ of all time. During his career, Messi, born​ оn June 24, 1987,​ in Rosario, Argentina, has won many awards and broken many records.

During his professional career,​ he spent most​ оf​ іt with​ FC Barcelona, where​ he scored many goals and helped the team win more than one game. Among his accomplishments are several Ballon d’Or awards (given​ to the world’s best footballer), many​ La Liga titles, UEFA Champions League wins, and personal bests for goals scored​ in​ a year.

Because​ FC Barcelona had money problems, Messi left​ in August 2021 and signed with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG),​ a top soccer team​ in France’s Ligue​ 1. People worldwide look​ up​ tо Lionel Messi​ as the best football player ever because​ оf how much​ he has changed the game and how good​ he is.

Around the world, many people agree that Messi​ іs the best football player ever. The goal that started the meme Ankara Messi​ оr Encara Messi​ іs one​ оf his best.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Football Greatness

The story of “Ankara Messi” is a fun way to remember the happy accidents that can happen in football. It shows how great Lionel Messi is, how powerful passionate commentary can be, and how the beautiful game can bring people together.

There will probably be a chorus of “Ankara Messi!” shouting around you the next time you see a great solo run or a stunning goal. It’s a celebration of how great football is. That’s all for What Does Ankara Messi Mean?