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Top 10 Clubs with The Most Trophies in Europe

top 10 clubs with most trophies in europe

Football, also known to many as soccer, has a very rich history. The game started to see its development in England back in 1863. Ever since then, this sport has gained more and more attention to now being one of the most popular sports in the world. Football gained a lot of love in Europe. Many started playing the sport while others became hardcore fans. 

With all the love for football within the entire European continent, we get to see some of the best clubs around the globe come from there. Today we are here to discuss with you the Top 10 clubs with the most trophies in Europe. If you want to find out if your favorite club has made it into the list, then we suggest you keep on reading!

Top 10 Clubs in Europe

The majority of Europeans are raised with football running through their veins. This is the reason why there are so many different leagues and clubs all over Europe. However, some of these clubs dominate over the others with their amazing synergy and teamwork. This is why we have curated a list that brings light to their achievements and trophies. Here are the 10 clubs that have the most trophies in Europe:

  1. Real Madrid

If you are someone who keeps up with the world of football then there is no way you do not know Real Madrid. This club has been the heart and soul of many fans and have achievements to prove their worth. Holding the number one spot on this list with a whopping 100 trophies. They have proved time and time again that they are not a team to be taken lightly. 

Some of their most iconic achievements are being the five times winner of the Club World Cup, and being three times champion of the Intercontinental Cup. They also won the European Champion’s Cup six times. 

  1. FC Barcelona

This club has made its way to claim third place on the list of the most successful clubs in the history of football. They are also the second most popular and recognizable club in the entire world. FC Barcelona is a club that boasts having 92 trophies and claiming the second spot on our list. Counting their victories in the Champions League and the European Cup, they have a total of ten wins, five each. 

If that does not seem enough then you should also know that this club has been the winner of the Spanish Club a total of 31 times, which is a record-breaking number. Being three times champion of the Club World Cup was not enough for them so back in 2009 they also became the first ever club to win six trophies within a year.

  1. SL Benfica

Winning a total of 38 titles has made SL Benfica the club with the most domestic league wins in Portugal. Even though they only won the European Cup twice, which was way back in the day, they still have a great number of trophies that helped them get the third spot on this list. SL Benfica has 82 trophies to show for their hard work. 

  1. FC Bayern Munich

This is a club that already has some amazing achievements under their belt. FC Bayern Munich is considered to be the face of German football. They are the only team to have won the Bundesliga a record-breaking 32 times. Not only that, they have also won the German Cup 20 times as well. This club is full of talent and rich history which has gotten them 81 trophies.

  1. AFC Ajax

The only Dutch club to be on this list is of course none other than AFC Ajax. Their most iconic wins were being 20 times champion of the Dutch Cup. They are also four times champions of the UEFA. AFC Ajax has a total of 76 trophies to show for themselves. 

  1. FC Porto

Porto used to be considered one of the big three clubs of Portugal. FC Porto was up there along with Sporting CP and Benfica. Most of the trophies won by this club were domestic, but they did set a completely new Portuguese record with their marvelous play. FC Porto boasted of having 71 trophies officially. 

  1. Juventus

We do not see a lot of Italian football clubs these days, but Turin’s Juventus was definitely a force to be reckoned with. This club was the most successful in the history of Italian football. They have been the Italian champion by winning 36 domestic cups. They also have two European Cups to show off as well. This club has won 70 trophies, giving Juventus the seventh spot on the list. 

  1. Liverpool

Finally an English club enters the list. Liverpool has to be the most successful and popular club in all of England. They have also gained popularity to be the most famous English club in all of European football. Liverpool has a total of 69 trophies. They have also won 19 domestic cups against the best English football has to offer.

  1. Manchester United

The second and last English club to be on this list is Manchester United. This club has a total of 13 wins in the Premier League and has 20 domestic titles. As for the total number of trophies, Manchester United has 68 trophies to their name. This club is easily one of the most popular clubs in English football as well. 

  1. AC Milan

When it comes down to success in European competitions and championships, AC Milan is renowned for that. This club is responsible for being seven time winner of the UEFA Champions League. They have been a part of multiple continental competitions making them a powerhouse of European football. AC Milan has 49 trophies in total. 


Europe has a very rich history with football as a sport. There are not only die-hard fans, but also players who dedicate their lives to just focus on this sport. This has led to so many powerhouses of the game being born in Europe. We hope this list was helpful to you and now you know about the 10 most powerful clubs in Europe with the most trophies to show!