The Truth Behind Benzema and Rihanna: Did They Date?

When the crowd sees a high profile duo suddenly start getting close it is bound to start controversy and stir up a ton of questions. That is exactly what happened with the renowned footballer Karim Benzema and the beloved pop star Rihanna. 

Karim Benzema, now known for winning the Ballon d’Or and the feats that he accomplished while being with the famous La Liga club, Real Madrid, used to have the hots for the mega pop star Rihanna. This sensational duo started becoming a thing way back in 2015 and according to what we know they officially ended the relationship by the beginning of 2017. Keep on reading to find out more!

How and When Did They See Each Other? 

All of this goes back to the 2014 World Cup when Rihanna had personally reached out to the France International team. The pair definitely had something going on in between them ever since Rihanna reached out and it was confirmed that they were seeing each other. Fast forward all the way to June of 2015 and we see this power couple duo just out together on a breakfast date. Before their breakfast date, the couple also met up with each other at a nightclub and have been caught being together on multiple occasions. 

The internet has tons of photos of the duo going in and out of restaurants together and they have also been spotted enjoying time with each other in LA and Hollywood. However, this fun did not seem to last very long and if you are asking why, then you would likely be surprised to know that it was mainly due to Rihanna. 

Did Benzema and Rihanna Actually Date?

According to most reports we were able to deduce that ever Karim Benzema and Rihanna met each other in 2015 they had started dating and their relationship lasted about two years and they eventually ended up breaking up somewhere in 2017. 

However, something we can tell from looking at the pictures and videos of Rihanna and Benzema together from when they were in a relationship, it is quite evident that the couple had their fair share of fun together. They were always seen enjoying their time together, laughing about and being quite the Pinterest couple that you would see on the internet. 

While the rumours of the pair dating in the past are very true, it is actually a very shocking reason as to why the couple broke up. 

Why Did Rihanna and Benzema Break Up?

As we have already mentioned the couple were dating for around two years from 2015 to 2017, the reason behind their breakup came as a surprise to many. Rihanna was the one who ended the relationship with Benzema. 

When the world-famous pop star was asked why she decided to break it off with the talented footballer, she openly stated that it was mainly because of Chris Brown. This is a shocking discovery given the history that Rihanna shared with Chris Brown. 

It cannot be denied that Rihanna had fun with Benzema and possibly even loved him from everything we have seen, but it seems as though she loved Brown a lot more than she did Benzema and said that she did not want to break Chris Brown’s heart and continue being with the footballer. 

Rihanna liked Benzema for who he was and did not want to hurt him or his feelings down the road so she decided to confess and tell him that she is always going to be in love with Chris Brown. If that is shocking to hear then what’s even worse is that she went on to add that no one could ever compete with Brown when it comes down to who she loves more. 

Of course, given how she felt and the fact that she confessed to always being in love with Chris Brown, Karim Benzema had to come to terms with the break up and officially end things between him and Rihanna. 

History Between Chris Brown and Rihanna

Rihanna and Chris Brown used to be a major controversial couple and to say the least, their relationship was infamous all over the internet. 

When we say that it was shocking Rihanna claimed to still be in love with Chris Brown while dating Karim Benzema and said that she would always love Brown, it is because Brown and Rihanna shared a history of abuse. 

Going back to 2009 when Rihanna was dating the famous artist Chris Brown, Brown was arrested on charges of assault against Rihanna. All of this took place the night before the Grammy Awards in 2009. This assault had left the famous pop star with a number of injuries, including bruises all over her face as well as a split lip. 

Despite all the allegations and hate revolving around Chris Brown ever since then, it looks like Rihanna could not stop herself from still being in love with her abusive ex and went on to end her relationship with Karim Benzema to try and rekindle some sort of an old spark with Brown. 

Benzema understood what he needed to do and he packed up and left. He then went on to set the world of football alight with his talent and dedication. 

Benzema and Rihanna on Social Media

Coming back to 2020 Karim Benzema was most likely frustrated with all the rumours and stories going on about his past relationship with Rihanna, and when he was asked about her in an interview Benzema went on to say “No, I don’t follow her on Instagram, I don’t follow her.”

Even though it was blatantly obvious that Benzema was just trying to deny all the rumours and even deny the fact that he ever dated the pop star, Rihanna, with all the stories and pictures that are still around, both their fan bases are not buying it. 

So there you have it, everything you needed to know about the star duo Benzema and Rihanna and all their rumours along with the truth!