Top 5 Left-Footed Players in the World of Football

We have witnessed many great players who were all right-footed. However, when it comes to great football legends who are left-footed, the list gets hard to make. Let’s take a look at some of the best left-footed players in Football!

When we think of left-footed players in football some of the most iconic names that are bound to come up would be David Silva, Diego Maradona, Robin Van Persie, Roberto Carlos, Raul and so many more. While there are quite some iconic left-footed players in football, just like every other sport, the old generation has now been replaced with the new. Keep reading to see the top left-footed footballers of today!

Top 5 Left-Footed Players in the World of Football

  1. Lionel Messi

We all know and love the name “Messi”. Every football fan of the 21st century knows this legend of a player who has been called the greatest footballer of our century by a majority of people. Moreover, Messi being left footed as well automatically gives him the first spot on our list. While many debate that Messi is fighting for the top spot with Christiano Ronaldo, most agree Messi is still the greatest of all time. 

While his performance with PSG has not been as appealing as his time with Barcelona, Messi has still shown some great moments playing alongside other talents such as Neymar Jr. and Kylian Mbappe. With his left foot Messi has bamboozled far too many players and left many goalkeepers in shock. All we hope as fans is that we can see more plays from Messi for years to come!

  1. Erling Haaland

One of the most trending names in Football right now has to be Erling Haaland, another left footed player who has made his way into the spotlight with his amazing play and his sturdy physique. The main striker for Manchester City, Haaland, has been the one to break multiple records in the short amount of time that he has been on the field. This Norwegian footballer almost always has his opposition defenders in worry when he is on the field once Haaland sets off, he is like an unstoppable tank. 

Many might say that Haaland is known for his amazing headers, but we cannot deny that he packs power behind every shot with that left foot of his. Haaland’s play mostly has him at the very end where he usually waits for a through ball to come his way and he usually finishes it off with either a power shot that goalkeepers cannot react to or sometimes with a satisfying and smooth finish. Erling Haaland is a talented player who is growing at an unimaginable rate and definitely deserves second sport on this list. 

  1. Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Silva may have now made himself the star of the Manchester City team, but it was not really the case last summer. His future with the club was pretty much in question especially when we got to see that Pep Guardiola was not including Silva in his starting 11 lineup. Despite all the hurdles Bernardo Silva made sure to not let his fans and his club down, he came back with a banger scoring goals and helping his team score in tense situations with some of the best assists possible. 

Over the years, Bernardo Silva, the Portuguese midfielder has provided the Manchester City team with some incredible goals with that left foot of his. As if the Man City team wasn’t already dominating with Haaland as their striker, they now have a fired up Bernardo Silva ready to go from midfield as well!

  1. Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah may not have had an outstanding performance as of lately, and of course, the same can be said for his club too, but that does not mean we will just ignore a talented left-footed player like Salah. Liverpool’s left-footed winger, Salah, may have had some trouble in the recent seasons scoring goals like he always has, however, that has not stopped the Egyptian player from coming in with a clutch when it is absolutely necessary. 

Mohamed Salah has made himself a reputation of being one of the most feared attackers when it comes to football. His name is way up there with the hard hitters of football and he does all that with that awesome left foot play. We are all accustomed to seeing Salah make his way past defenders to curling a shot with his left foot that finds its way into the far corner of the net. It is because players like Mohamed Salah have set the bar so high that we notice when they have a sudden drop in their performance. Nonetheless, Salah is of course a player who is loved and adored by many. 

  1. Phil Foden

Phil Foden is another left footed player who has been gaining his fair share of popularity due to his amazing play with Manchester City. Yes, yet another player from Manchester City, Foden is mainly known to play either with the attacking three or the midfield three. Foden, who is an England international player, not only boasts a versatile style of football but he is also responsible for some crucial goals at the right time when his club needed him the most. 

Foden is another sensational player who only adds to the already overpowered lineup of Manchester City, and it seems like Pep Guardiola also agrees with this as he always has Foden get on the field with the starting lineup. We can all agree that Phil Foden is indeed an outstanding player who is a great asset for both the country and the club. 

Final Words

We only mentioned 5 of the many other talented left-footed players out there on the football field. It might be hard for players who are more oriented towards defence to shine through in these categories, but we can still think of names like Jordi Alba and Thibaut Courtois. We hope you liked our list of the top 5 left-footed players and got to see some of your favourites included in the list as well!