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Top 20 assists ever in football history

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Football, also called soccer, is a very popular sport worldwide. A new study finds that 70% of women are interested in the FIFA World Cup for men. We remember the names of the players who scored a goal, but one great pass is required behind the goal. We need to remember them. Today, we will explore the top 20 assists ever in football history.

Top 20 Assists Ever In Football History

Putting together a clear top 20 assists ever in football history is a difficult task. Goals are events that can be measured, but assists aren’t always clear-cut. Was it a precise cross, a through ball that split the defense, or a smart flick that made the goal possible? The historical background and general effect on the game are very important. Let the Countdown Begin!

20. Zinedine Zidane’s “Roulette” Assist (2002 Champions League Final)

A moment of pure boldness. Roberto Carlos wasn’t sure what to do when Zidane did his mesmerizing spin, which made room for Ronaldo’s pinpoint volley.

19. David Beckham’s Famous Bend In The 1999 Champions League Semi-Final

A moment that will live on in Manchester United’s history. Ryan Giggs scored the dramatic goal against Barcelona after Beckham’s signature whipped cross from what looked like an impossible angle.

18. Xavi’s Telepathic Through Ball (2011 Champions League Final)

 Xavi’s “Telepathic Through Ball” in the 2011 Champions League Final is a great example of how to be aware of your surroundings. Xavi threaded a perfectly weighted pass through the players to Pedro Rodriguez, who scored a clinical goal that sealed Barcelona’s victory.

17. Roberto Baggio’s No-Look Pass (1994 World Cup Final)

The “Divine Ponytail” with a moment of pure creativity is Roberto Baggio’s “No-Look Pass” from the 1994 World Cup Final. Baggio flicked a backheel pass that cut through the Brazilian defense with his back to teammate Massaro. It was a great chance that was sadly lost.

16. Mesut Ozil’s Dazzling Dribble And Assist In The 2013 FA Cup Final

An amazing show of skill and vision. In the middle of the field, Ozil sped past Arsenal’s players and then sent a perfect pass for Aaron Ramsey to finish.

15. Kevin De Bruyne’s Laser-Guided Cross (2019 Premier League)

Kevin De Bruyne’s laser-guided cross in the 2019 Premier League is the definition of accuracy. For a headed goal against Watford, De Bruyne sent in a whipped ball that hit the head of Raheem Sterling exactly.

14. Andrea Pirlo’s Help With Panenka’s Free Kick In The 2012 Euro Quarterfinal:  

Audacity in a new light. Pirlo, known for being brilliant in unusual ways, chipped a free kick over the wall and found Antonio Cassano, who wasn’t being watched, for a simple tap-in against England.

13. Diego Maradona’s “Hand Of God” Goal In The Quarterfinals Of The 1986 World Cup

Controversial and well-known. Even though the handball was against the rules, Maradona’s dribble past several English players and set up Jorge Burruchaga for the game-winning goal is still a sight.

12. Johan Cruyff’s “Turn” And Assist (1974 World Cup Final)

The “Turn” and Assist by Johan Cruyff in the 1974 World Cup Final was the start of a famous move. Cruyff faked a shot that confused Swedish defender Jan Olsson. This made room for a cross that Willem van Hanegem could use to score.

11. Lionel Messi’s Chip Over Casillas In The 2011 Champions League Semi-Final

 A brilliant time. With his back to the goal, Messi chipped a pass over Iker Casillas to Pedro, who scored a goal that sent Barcelona to the final.

10 And #9. The Rivaldo-Ronaldo Show (Round 16 Of The 2002 World Cup)

 A whole orchestra of lies. When the ball hit Rivaldo in the face, he faked an injury for the show, but Ronaldo picked it up and put it in for a sneaky goal against Turkey. Even though the morality might be questionable, the creativity of the help was clear.

8. Glenn Hoddle’s Backheel Volley In The Quarterfinals Of The 1986 World Cup

There was a moment of pure creativity. Hoddle hit a beautiful backheeled shot that found Clive Allen for a goal against Argentina, even though he had his back to the goal and was under much pressure.

7. George Best’s Solo Run And Pass (1970 Fa Cup Final)

The “Belfast Boy” at his best. In a crazy dribble, Best got past several players and then sent a perfectly weighted pass for Bobby Charlton to score against Chelsea.

6. Pele’s No-Look Pass For Jairzinho (1970 World Cup Final)

The “King” is showing off his out-of-this-world vision with Pelé’s “No-Look Pass” for Jairzinho in the 1970 World Cup Final. When players were closing in, Pelé flicked a backheel pass to Jairzinho, who scored a goal against Italy to win Brazil’s third World Cup.

5. Thierry Henry’s Backheel Flick For Robert Pires (2002 Champions League)

Robert Pires scored with Thierry Henry’s Backheel Flick in the 2002 Champions League.  A demonstration of understanding through telepathy. Henry flicked the ball between his legs with his back to the goal, finding Robert Pires for a beautiful strike against Inter Milan.

4. Dennis Bergkamp’s “Ice-Cool Flick” In The 1997 Premier League

A brilliant time Bergkamp handled a long ball with his chest, flicked it over defender Tony Adams, and put it in the back of the net past David Seaman for a great goal against Newcastle. Even though it’s not a goal, the assist should be praised for being brave and important.

3. Xabi Alonso’s Overhead Volley Assist (2014 Champions League Final)

Will Xabi Alonso’s help with an overhead volleyball in the 2014 Champions League final be a moment of pure luck or genius?  When the score was tied in the Champions League final, Xabi Alonso tried to clear the ball but instead hit an incredible overhead shot that found Gareth Bale for the game-winning goal against Real Madrid.

2. Lionel Messi’s Dribble And Pass Against Real Madrid (Preliminary Round Of The 2011 Champions League)

A lesson in how to take down a defense. Messi was at his best when he dribbled the ball past four Real Madrid players and then set up Pedro to score with a simple pass. This past showed how good Messi is at dribbling, how good his vision is, and how calm he is under pressure.

1. Johan Cruyff’s “Invisible Pass” (1974 World Cup)

Johan Cruyff’s “Invisible Pass” in the 1974 World Cup was an assist that didn’t make sense. Cruyff got the ball on the edge of the penalty area, but it looked like Swedish players were blocking his path. In a move that became known as the “invisible pass,” Cruyff pretended to shoot but instead used the inside of his boot to push the ball between two players and find Johnny Rep for a tap-in. This assist is forever etched in football history as proof of Cruyff’s amazing spatial awareness and skill at manipulating players.

Final words

This list only shows a small part of the amazing goals that happen in football. Every play proves how creative, visionary, and technically brilliant these great players were.  Beautiful games aren’t just about goals; they’re also about the skill of getting them. Take a moment to appreciate the architect behind the goal, the hidden hero, the king of the assist, the next time you see one. This warps up the best top 20 assists ever in football history.