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Is Eddie Howe related to Don Howe?

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People of all ages remember certain football players by name, making a lasting mark on the sport. Eddie Howe and Don Howe are two examples of these names. Both are known for making significant contributions to the game. Eddie Howe, currently the boss of Newcastle United, has won praise for how well he runs teams and how quickly they improve. Don Howe significantly changed English football as a player, coach, and boss. He is a legendary figure in the sport. Here, is Eddie Howe related to Don Howe? In this article, we will answer this question.

Is Eddie Howe related to Don Howe?

Yes. Eddie Howe is the son of Don Hwe. Don Howe was a famous figure in English football in the middle of the 20th century. He was known for being a great defender and later for teaching, especially with Arsenal and the England national team. On the other hand, Eddie Howe has made a name for himself as a football manager in the 21st century, most famously with AFC Bournemouth and more recently with Newcastle United. 

Everything you need to know about Eddie Howe


He is 37 years old. He took over as manager for the first time when he was 31. In January 2009, the club was in trouble, in danger of being kicked out of the Football League after losing 17 points during the season. He ensured they stayed in the league. It led them to automatic promotion the following year despite transfer restrictions. He left for Burnley in the Championship in 2011 but left quickly for personal reasons and returned to the South Coast the following year. Getting Bournemouth into the Premier League for the first time in their 116-year history raised his profile even more. He did the same thing to get promoted to the Championship in 2013.


At the Goldsands, Howe has brought people together. CEO Jeff Mostyn said of Eddie, “Everyone has given their heart and soul to play for Eddie for the last six years.”

Howe seems humble, easygoing, and thoughtful, and he is too modest to accept the credit that comes his way. But behind that persona is an intelligent man who has a magical effect on his players.

Tommy Elphick, Howe’s captain, said he “deserves a knighthood” for what he has done for the club and the players. Harry Redknapp, former Cherries manager, watched the celebrations at Dean Court from the Sky Sports studio and joked, “Make him Lord Mayor!” Howe likes getting along with others because of the strong team attitude he has built at Dean Court.

Relationship with the club

Howe had a good friendship with the people at AFC Bournemouth. Howe seems to have a good relationship with the club’s boss, Mostyn, and its hands-off owner, Maxim Demin. The fact that Howe has been honest with fans and is trusted by the club adds to the sense that the club is running well. His work in this area has even led to comparisons with Jurgen Klopp, whose relationship with Borussia Dortmund fans and the club is legendary.

“I have always felt like my supporters are with me,” Howe said the next day. That’s not how they should thank me; I should do it. This family club should receive more attention.


During Howe’s early tenure as manager of the Cherries, there were few options for the team to attract new players. The majority of the players who thrived in League One were on the team that was promoted to the Championship. Additionally, a few players from League Two were on the team that gained promotion.

However, Demin purchased the club in 2011, and in 2013, the Russian businessman acquired one hundred percent ownership of the team. Several high-profile players, including Dan Gosling, Artur Boruc, Kenwyne Jones, and Callum Wilson, have been brought in, including Tokelo Rantie, who purchased the club for a record-breaking amount of £2.5 million at the time.

Playing Strategies

Howe’s playing style has garnered a lot of praise, not the least of which comes from Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool’s manager. Rodgers advocates a game that is both attractive and offensive, and his squad’s score of 112 goals in all competitions this season is ample evidence of his recommendation. He is rigorous in his approach, continually assessing performances and looking for ways to get more out of his players. He has steadfastly adhered to this attitude even though he is equally meticulous in his approach. Rodgers made this statement about Eddie Howe after the team’s victory in the FA Cup earlier this season. “It is coaches like Eddie Howe who will take the game forward in this country because they believe in a way of working, and they have a philosophy,” Rodgers stated during the discussion.

“Eddie’s approach to football is quite similar to mine. As a rookie manager, it is not easy to put your head out there and try to get your teams to play and pass the ball, but he certainly does that.”


Although the expectations and demands of media work in the Premier League would be more intense than anything Howe has ever experienced, he appears to be able to take it in stride because he is able to maintain his composure.


When you look at Eddie Howe and Don Howe’s pasts and careers, they are related.  Eddie Howe is a famous and great manager from today. He is known for developing new strategies and leading teams like Bournemouth and Newcastle United. On the other hand, Don Howe made a lasting impact on baseball as a player, coach, and manager. He is admired for what he did for the game during his long and successful career. Learning about their different paths shows how talented people are and how many ways each person can leave their mark on the beautiful game.