Liverpool: 5 best home kits worn by the Reds

On Thursday, less than 24 hours following Liverpool’s Champions League quarterfinal win over Porto, the club released its pre-order for the new 2019-20 shirt.

The Liverpool shirt is a throwback to the club’s jersey worn from 1982 to 1985. In the wake of the release, Footall takes a look at the 5 best home kits worn by the Reds.

5. 2004-06 Reebok

Liverpool’s Reebok manufacture kits in the early 2000s are incredibly underrated. Their shirt from 2004 to 2006 was one of the best of the lot as the simplistic design gave the Reds a classy look.

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The Reds wore the shirt during their Champions League 2006 triumph over AC Milan forever immortalising the jersey.

4. 2017-18 New Balance

The 2017-18 New Balance shirt has been the best from the American company. At least the best until next season’s shirt.

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Liverpool’s New Balance design saw the reds done a deeper red shirt with a strong v-neck white collar. The collar was a call back to their 1995-96 shirt.

3. 1989-91 Adidas

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Liverpool’s 1989-91 Adidas shirt is one of their most iconic. It is a bit surprising that the shirt hasn’t been remade. Although this season’s grey away shirt is similar to the same change strip as in 1989.

It is hard to make an all-red shirt different from year to year, but Adidas did a great job with this number. It also featured the iconic sponsor ‘Candy’.

2. 2008-10 Adidas

The 2008-10 shirt featured the classic three stripes down the shoulders and the Carlsberg logo across the front. For a generation of Liverpool supporters, the combination of Adidas and Carlsberg were just as much a part of Liverpool Football Club as Steven Gerrard.

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The shirt’s white collar was a great touch and added flair the season’s previous top, which had a collar, didn’t have.

1. 1982-85 Umbro

The early- to mid-1980s saw the Reds wear pinstripes for the first time. In fact, it was the first time the club had really added colour to the shirt. According to the club, not all fans jumped on board with the design.

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It would go on to be a big hit and the Reds wore the shirt to lift numerous trophies. The shirt unveiled on Thursday is modelled after the classic jersey from 1982 to 1985 and fans are surely exciting about the top.